The Tanuki Pocket Ninja fly-fishing rod brings the ancient Japanese art to the mainstream

Since launching the Tanuki series of Japanese fly-fishing rods at the beginning of 2019, Designer and Engineer Luong Tam has spent the first half of his year delivering on the first edition of the Tanuki Ninja fly-fishing rod, and the second half of the year making the rod fundamentally better. Now even smaller than before, yet just as powerful, the Tanuki Pocket Ninja is a culmination of Tam’s life’s work. Designed to go even smaller when folded, the telescopic rod measures a mere 13 inches in its folded avatar, and expands to a whopping 11 feet when fully opened. In keeping with the art of fly-fishing, the rods are designed to be incredibly flexible and don’t come with a traditional reel. You rely purely on physics, mechanics, handwork, and an understanding of your fishing rod to catch fish.

Tam’s devoted a significant part of his life to developing some of the most sophisticated fly-fishing equipment to his patrons. Relying on tradition as well as advanced material sciences, the Tanuki Pocket Ninja pushes boundaries by being the most portable fly-fishing rod on the market. The Pocket Ninja is also incredibly resilient, bending as much as 180° effortlessly, with incredibly precise casting, high-tolerance parts that withstand tugging against water currents and the fly. The rod comes constructed out of a composite of fiberglass and Japanese Toray high-modulus carbon-fiber, giving it its flexibility and strength while keeping the entire rod weighing not more than 2.5 ounces. Engineered to perfection, the rod’s telescopic design allows it to collapse to a size that’s small enough to slip right into a backpack or the glove compartment of your car, giving you the freedom to fly-fish wherever and whenever. Each Pocket Ninja rod has an anti-slip paint coating around the grip, and comes with an 11ft. long custom-made floating line, a semi-conical line-spool (that prevents free-rolling), traditional Japanese fly-fishing fly, and a lifetime warranty! Now that should definitely get you ‘hooked’!

Designer: Luong Tam

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Tanuki Pocket Ninja – Compact, Lightweight & Flexible Fly-Fishing Rod

The Tanuki Pocket Ninja is designed and built for fly fishers who love outdoor adventure and traveling. The Pocket Ninja is an 11’0″/335 cm long telescopic fly rod when it is fully extended from a 13″ / 33 cm collapsed length. It weighs 2.3 oz/ 65 grams. It is based on the Japanese ancient art of fly fishing, called tenkara (requires just a rod line and a fly).

Flexibility is the Name of the Game

Shorter the sections are, the stiffer the rod becomes. For decades, fishing rod makers have been struggling to make a flexible rod with decent rod actions/flex with shorter collapsed sections that are less than 17”. Designer Luong Tam, thought the solution is in the materials. The team used fiberglass and carbon fiber to solve the problem.

The Result: Easy to Cast

Easy to cast and fun to fish with.

The Pocket Ninja is a fantastic rod fishing with Japanese fly pattern Kebari and dry fly. It is also an excellent rod for Contact Nymphing, Euro-Nymphing or Highstick Nymphing, and here are the reasons:

– It is a very high SENSITIVITY rod which would help fisher to feel fly contact with objects in deep water.
– Designed to cast with a very fine line. The fine line would sink faster because it is less friction.
– It is better ergonomics than Nymphing fly rod because Pocket Ninja weight only 2.2 oz vs about 38 oz of nymphing fly rod.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149 $240 (37% off). Hurry, less than 12 hours left!