Awesome Cuteness In A Cup

On the lookout for something super cute, delicate yet functional to add to your walls? I’ve found you the right stuff! Hookmaker Teacups add grace where it is lacking; it holds your knickknacks and trinkets, and has a hook for you to hang your keys. I’d like to hang a bunch of these together, just for their dramatic effect.

Designer: Kegan Fisher [ Buy it Here – $30 on the Yanko Design Store ]

Hookmaker Teacup Tile For Storage Of Knickknacks by Glut Kegan Fisher


The Hookmaker is available for $30 on the YD Store.



  • mif991 says:

    Nice. But the screws could have been better selected. Nice job though.

  • r4i karte says:

    This is awesome! So very cute and nicely done!

  • alessio says:

    never seen Uten.silo by Joe Colombo?
    Bit of a rip off….

  • Rinky says:


    The ‘buy it here’ link doesn’t work and I’ve failed to find anywhere that sells these tiles

    Yes its a similar idea to uten.silo but far more useable to those with only a small space and a quirky/vintage aesthetic

    Where can I buy them from please, 3’s plenty


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