Cups for Conscience

I always enjoy a good cup of facts! What have a just drunk? You should always ask yourself that. Or what have I got the opportunity to drink, here? You’d be wiser to ask. Our pal Hans A Huseklepp teams up with two other designers to bring you this lovely set of ceramic tableware for Milan Expo 2015.

Facts of the world.

This series of cups and such are called “Wake Up.” Huseklepp worked with fellow designers Karl Sjöstrøm and Henning R. Nielsen to serve you some brain sustenance.

Each container symbolizes a statistic explaining the inequality present in the world today. In the difference in height between each cup and plate is shown the difference between the rich and the poor, the fortunate and the destitute. Developed in cooperation with Vecchio Lodi Ceramics in Lombardia, Italy.

Made locally to inspire people to act globally.

Designer: Hans A Huseklepp, Karl Sjöstrøm, and Henning R. Nielsen.

Wake Up by Hans A Huseklepp, Karl Sjöstrøm, and Henning R. Nielsen