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If you are the sort of person that’s got their fingers in the 3D rendering world, you might know about computer graphics researcher Martin Newell. In 1975 he took it upon himself to digitize his own Melitta teapot. Since then the teapot has become a common symbol, a basic project for every 3D object worker and designer. What Art Lebedev studio’s done here is to take that concept, that teapot, and push it back into the real. Red, green, blue, and alpha.

Below you’ll see a bunch of little rectangles showing their search for the correct number of polygons, then take a peek at the final product. Or look at the pics in any order you want, too, I suppose.

Lemme tell you how much I want this pot: I don’t drink coffee. I want this pot. I want this pot so much. It’s just lovely.

Artistic Director: Artemy Lebedev

Art Director: Timur Burbayev

Designer: Yevgeny Kazantsev

Industrial Designer: Lin Tao

Modeler: Alexander Pozdeyev

Visualizator: Dmitry Dolgikh


Martinus Teapot by Art Lebedev Studio