Colors For Cooking

Coral is this elegant pan that you can use for cooking and serving, but unlike the rest of the gang, this one comes coated with thermochromic spots. The pale blue dots turn into bright orange beauties, as the temperature of the pot increases. The handles on the pan comes off easily, thanks to the plug-spring system used. This ways you get to cook safely and efficiently and then slide off the pan-handle and serve right away!

“People recognize the kitchen as the soul of the house, from the pans, pots and casseroles the aromas and unique flavors will give a hint of its host. It is the beginning of a meeting or a party or a simple family warmth.”

Designers: William Spiga & Juliana Martins
2D Animation: Daniel Paronetto

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Coral Thermochromic Cook and Serve Pan by William Spiga & Juliana Martins