This ergonomic standing desk is what your work from home regime demands!

2020 has taught us a hell lot about coping with the monkey mind when you are caged in one place with socializing restricted to online video meets or the good old texting. While the mental balance has been disoriented by the turbulent times, it has taken a toll on the body too – especially for people who have to work on their PCs or laptops all day long. While you might give sitting ergonomics all your conscious effort to be right at all times, it is bound to go wary as you sit in one position for too long. Worry not, the Standsome laptop stand that’s primarily aimed at giving you a comfortable standing workstation ergonomics is one thing you need to give serious consideration.

You can cater the Standsome stand to your needs as it comes with a customizable profile for people of any height. Not only that it can work equally well for sitting positions when you don’t have a table and want to work while sitting on the floor. The possibilities are endless – you can even set it up on a low height table for a long day’s work, sans any strained muscles or pains. The height-adjustable stable laptop stand crafted in Germany from FSC-certified birch wood is consciously shipped in plastic-free material, and every unit sold means a tree is planted in the Philippine rainforest. To set it up, you just have to insert the foot piece into the intended cut-out and insert the provided split pin.

For people working from home, Standsome makes even more sense as physical activity is restricted, and getting stuck in one posture for too long can have health implications. Yes, Standing is important when you are working the whole day long from your comfy chair, and this standing wooden stand is made for exactly that purpose. If you are still worried about its sturdiness, then ease, as it can take the weight of any laptop out there and still manage to handle a glass of water or other accessories you might want to put on it!

Designer: Standsome

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