Tea Time, Modenn FLO Review

Love me a cup of homemade tea, don’t you? I haven’t heard much about this Canadian brand  Modenn but one of my favorite design studios (OHM) designed it and were kind enough to send me one for review. Hands down it trumps any generic tea set and it was a good excuse to put aside my Sorapot (which isn’t a tea set) and steep the traditional way. Hit the jump and come join me. I gots me a story to tell.

Mmm nice hot freshly made tea. Nothing better than that, well maybe except for freshly made hot chocolate but that’s besides the point. The Modenn FLO Tea Set consists of a pot, creamer, and sugar pot. It’s strikingly modern. Every curve looks as if the smoothest hands guided each arch into place. Everything is beautifully bezeled, from the lid to the handle. I believe the set is made from white ceramic porcelain because even the blackest of teas didn’t stain it – a problem I’ve had with other white tea sets.

Okay but my LOVE LOVE LOVE feature is the spout. Why? I wish I captured this on video but it’s elegantly formed to give you one continuous stream of liquid, sort of in a high arch. Basically the set not only looks good but makes you look good. I totally looked so PRO moving the stream from cup to cup and without spillage. As soon as you set the pot down, the stream stops. No dribbling or running down the neck.

Mmm this tea still tastes good. Epiphany! I could use this for hot chocolate too! Stay turned kids as I try and figure out where you can purchase one. This would be a fantastic holiday gift. HINT HINT.

What we loved:

  • Beautiful organic minimalist design
  • High quality white porcelain doesn’t stain or crack
  • Nicely weighted when pouring
  • Price point is on the money ($80)

What could be improved:

  • Include a spoon
  • Include a couple tea cups

Designer: OHM (Buy it here)