Furniture for a New Design School

What simplicity is this? This set of furniture, seats and tables, is made by students of the school of art and design Saint-étienne in France. What’s fun? It’s made for a new construction of the school of Arts and design of Saint-étienne in the Cité du design. In and beyond that, this is a set of seats and tables with designers in mind.

Take a look in particular at the sawhorse-looking constructs there that are made to hold the tabletops up. Imagine how versatile. Imagine how compact these tables and chairs could get. Ease in carrying, moving. Stackability and simplicity.

Now if you’ll take a moment to listen here about a design school I was at. I wont name it but you could discover it pretty easily if you try. We had “classrooms of the future” in which there were plugs and switches and projectors and curved tables and nice chairs and everything. -but they didn’t really work any better than the classrooms that had basic tables and basic chairs, outlets around the rim of the room and wireless capability. Point is – the devices we use in design school are built to be versatile in and of themselves, the furniture’s best to be as simple as what you see right here!

I think they nailed it.

Designers: Sophie Françon and François Mangeol


Furniture for Saint-étienne school in the Cité du design by Sophie Françon and François Mangeol