One Liter Racing Madness

What kind of vehicle race would you see if each driver were limited to only one liter of gasoline? Thats what Moritz Martin is asking right here. Inspired by growing interest in speed and energy efficiency races, Martin’s concept challenges the driver to summon their tactical intelligence and skill to finish the race using only the energy of one single liter of fuel. Setting the race on thin water film areas and projecting the track on in interior display of the vehicle, this type of racing’s only been seen thus far in science fiction arcades.

Racing has become stale (Nascar fans throw popcorn and soda cups like rain) SO this is what’s needed to spice it up!

Inspired by the insanity of Swamp Buggy, Land Speed Record Races and the Eco Marathon.

Skimming across the water using almost no energy at all, retractable wheels for easy interchangeability between glide and drive. Wheel-mounted air nozzles for frictionless steeering, steering unit programmable to operate multi-directional operations all at once.

I can’t imagine how this wouldn’t be totally engaging and fun!

Designer: Moritz Martin

1 Liter Racing by Moritz Martin