Shave Your Beard For Life

Shaving design: just what you woke up for this morning! This amazing shaving machine was made by designer Kristen Beck to be a shaving device that’ll work for life, not just for a couple years, only good for one type of facial hair. No! This is the one, the only one you’ll ever need! It’s got a ball and socket connection!

This shaver right here has one body, multiple heads. Like I said a moment ago, it’s got a ball and socket connection so it can follow the contours of the face and body. The LCD screen on the side recognizes which head is attached, and displays this information along with battery life along the side.

Sleek, lovely, futuristic, majestic carrying case has a home for every head and razor, and works as a drying and recharging station for all the bits. The body, shaving head, trimmer head, and guard are dried through ventilation under their secure spots. Underneath there’s a back door through which water can be emptied.

And that’s that!

Note: this project is called the Braun Continuum Shaving System and it was completed as a concept project at Bergishe Universität Wuppertal, sponsored by Braun.

Designer: Kristen Beck


The Braun Continuum Shaving System by Kristen Beck