Star In Your Own 3 D Shower Movie

The Waterdrop Shower Room brings to life the childhood fantasies of role-playing while taking a bath. Sometimes you’re a beastly pirate and sometimes a brave hero rescuing your ducks. This exciting enclosure comes with a tactile touchscreen that almost envelopes you. Its giant screen happily plays for you soothing melodies of the Chinese Opera to Nemo (although I reckon the big guys will opt for something more seductive!) and transports you to fantasy land!

The enclosure is actually a two-part thing; with the upper section rising up and lower section sliding and rotating to give easy access to the showers. Features include a powerful tactile touch screen that controls the video, music, showers, jet intensities and temperatures.

Designer: Wu Chenghou


Roca Waterdrop Shower Room by Wu Chenghou