Post Baroque Hardcore Violin

For over 500 million years… or wait… 500 years, the form of the violin has deviated from the baroque style very little. This violin right here, it’s different. Made by designer Hopfgartner Gerda to spearhead a new age in 4/4 design, this is indeed the “Gavari” Semiacoustic Violin. Created in co-operation with a professional Viennese violin maker to assure perfect dimensions and sound criteria.

The Gavari semiacoustic violin was made with virtually no change from a classical violin in the areas of geometrical curvatures and material thickness in the cover and the soil. Playing this instrument requires no education beyond that of the average violin player.

The design aesthetics of this violin are inspired by giant boats. Boats and yachts of the 50s as well as feminine curves and “sundry corset outlines” of the Baroque, Rococo, and Biedermeier ages.

Maybe this reminds me of the violin in the movie Starship Troopsers? I hope that is not a crime. That and this are basically the coolest violins I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

Designer: Gerda Hopfgartner

Gavari Semiacoustic Violin by Hopfgartner Gerda

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