War of the Patio Worlds

There’s no deflection like reflection! Does that make sense to you? It will in a second here, just wait. As for the title of this post: this products we’re about to explore is a Heat Reflection Canopy and it’s made, quite simply, to keep your patio warm. Oh that didn’t explain it well enough for you then, ey? Well perhaps our alien overlords could explain better?

Yes indeed, this project’s look gives a nod to the ol’ radio broadcast and sci-fi story War of the Worlds. In the story, we humans are saved from an alien invasion by pathogenic bacteria against which they cannot defend themselves. The same will be true for the earth if humans ever die out – pollution will be obliterated by the natural recycling process of mother nature.

*Also the object of the project looks like an invader.

Thus, this project. Designer Russell Zoran Corder has made what basically amounts to a series of reflection panels made to continue use of heat which would normally escape into the air, thus reducing the amount of energy we’ve got to use to heat a chilly patio.

Fun? Yes? Yes! Fun.

Designer: Russell Zoran Corder


Heat Reflection Canopy by Russell Zoran Corder