Do Not Shake Vase

We’ve had our share of vase concepts here on Yanko Design, and this is definitely one of them. It’s strikingly similar to a previous “framed vase” design we published some months ago, but it’s unique in it’s shape and execution. The line holding the frame is a wire, the wire bone’s connected to the light bone, and the light shines on the plant. Super cute.

The frame of course uses the famous Polaroid photo ratio to replicate the famous instant-photo look. If you look around the internet you’ll find this look replicated in quite a few places in website design, especially when people are displaying mass amounts of photos or image-links.

This frame was made in light of the loveliness of containing a moment in just a moment, then displaying it simply from then forevermore. Fun, yes?

Designer: Hwajin Jung

Polaroid Flower Vase by Hwajin Jung