Moisture Collectors

Inspired by the Giving Tree, this project called the “Savior Bud” latches on to trees (one of Earth’s most generous living things) and uses it’s natural recycling processes to obtain water. In a simple process which basically involves collecting the moisture from the leaves and emptying it out into containers, the Savior Bud takes one more step toward acceptable living conditions in Africa.

As our intrepid designers note, Africa is plagued twice by their hydration situation. Twice because not only is their water supply low, but the water that’s available is often undrinkable and polluted.

The process goes like this:

1. Find a broadleaf tree with lots of leaves.

2. Opening the Savior Bud like a giant clamp, surround a few leaves, and release. The Savior Bud should now be containing the leaves like you see in the picture below, sort of like a greenhouse.

3. In about four hours, the leaves will have produced about one cup of water. Turning the bottom of the bud like a faucet will release the water to be put into a separate container for drinking.

Additional details below. I wouldn’t mind one of these for camping or something like that, would you?

Also, C-3P0 not required.

Designers: Kim Hyo Jin and Seol Ah Sun