Eco Friendly Aston Martin Volare Concept

The transition to more eco-friendly vehicles is relatively easy for mass volume vehicles but what about luxury manufacturers? How can they maintain their luxe and driving appeal while embracing the new “green”? The Aston Martin Volare proposes an easy fix by adopting fuel cells. The stacks are located in the front while the tanks are stored in the rear above the car’s axle – perfect weight distribution.

I like the idea but saying a vehicle will be powered by fuel cells is almost a no brainer. It’s been done so I just wished this concept offered a little something more than Vantage DNA. The proportions are slightly tweaked with much crisper shoulder lines and a floating rear deck but it’s not enough. In fact the rear looks almost Scandinavian. All in all, good idea.
Designer: James Trim



Aston Martin Volare Concept Car by James Trim




  • david says:

    I read you daily with great interest. However, to dismiss the “green” Aston Martin as not going far enough is…going to far. The car is a stunner by any measure and the fact that a marque associated with ultimate luxury is even paying attention to “green” is ehough of a surprise. The demographic of their market has proven again and again they don’t care, they are above “green” concerns. So that makes this car even more important. Yes, the whole thing could be carbon-neutral, run on water and…fly! But for now, I just hope there is enough consumer interest to build the thing!

    • Steve says:

      The cyclone engine does not *run* on water. It still *runs* on combustible fuel (like gas or hydrogen, or whatever burns). It uses the heat created by this combustion to create steam. In other words, the cyclone engine is just a steam engine, regardless of how technologically advanced and efficient it’s creators may claim it to be.

  • stephen russell says:

    Id drive this, nice to see 007 drive this in Eco mode.

    Aston Martin produce this esp for CA marketplace.

    For the Rental Marketplace too.


  • Armando da Costa says:

    Welcome mr. Joker!!! To Gotland city. Good luck.

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