Getting All Mothy Up In Here

What in the world is that. Is that a boat? Is that a flying dirigible? Nay! It’s a moth! A moth is a kind of small, FAST, single-handed sailboat made for racing. Originated some time in the early 1900’s in North Carolina, the classic Moth can be any number of things: skiff, pram, scow, dinghy, basically anything within the restrictions of 75lbs, 72 Sw Fr sail area, and a maximum beam of 60 inches. What David Valham has done here is to make a Moth into a superior flying machine that’s riding on the edge of boatness, appearing to nearly take off!

Now, modern Moth boats look very similar to this Valham design, with the exception of a few factors: while the usual Moth has a couple of “wings” for the pilot to sit on, the Valham design turns these into actual wings, adding to the balance of the boat, adding to the speed. Furthermore, there’s a bunch of littler additions that make this lovely boat a Moth to behold:

Flexible Wing Mast

Lighter Beem Shape

Ergonomic Sitting Area (this is the wings)

Angle of Attack Indicator (rudder)

Rigged Handles for Easier Transport

Dihedral Angle on the Front

Higher Lifting Point

Double Wands on the Front

Now take a look at this bad boy, and tell me if you’d dare drive it. Part of the fun of this sport is the skill involved in keeping the boat upright. Learning how to run one of these splendid looking insects involves a lot of crashing and swimming. But! Once you’re up, you’re OFF!

Designer: David Valham

New Moth by David Valham