This compact aerial photography drone fits inside your sling bag, deploys in an instant

A folding drone designed for aerial photography and stable video shooting – ideal for enthusiasts who don’t fancy the hassle of carrying around a pro drone like DJI Mini 2.

Drone photography has opened up countless options for social media influencers to give their followers a whole new perspective of things. Understandably, a drone that is compact and easy to deploy for quick shots or footage from the air is advantageous. This has triggered an influx of portable drones inspired by the DJI Mini 2 or Mavic Air 2. The likes of the LIFE DRONE or the Xenon Drone concept that already got our thumbs up.

Another palm-sized drone having a high probability of making it past the drawing board and in the possession of enthusiast photography travelers is the Drone 1, rotate and fly drone. Winner of the Red Dot Concept Design Award 2021, the portable flying machine designed by Maya Prokhorova is no bigger than the MacBook Air in the fully folded configuration. It comes with a 4K capable camera for hight quality photo or video shooting on the go – taking the gadget right out of your pocket or backpack.

Drone 1 rests inside the hard case, and when the need arises, you simply take it out, rotate the quadcopter with a click motion and it’s ready to fly. The 90 degrees rotating motion is highlighted by the tactile sensation, just like a Rubik’s cube. Also, the camera can be set to the functioning position by pressing the switch-like button on the bottom section. Now that is utterly satisfying, isn’t it? Weighing just 200 grams, the quadcopter is loaded with all the advanced sensors to navigate through tight spaces or follow the waypoints via the compatible app on phone!

Designer: Maya Prokhorova