Ultraviolet Baby Bottle

Dubbed “Pureray” by its creators in reference to its completely amazing ultraviolet rays lamp at the base and amplification pipe up the center. Each bottle is stored with a cap which screws off the top, screws on the bottom, and provides ultraviolet light to disinfect any evil viruses or germs one baby formula on the rocks might have. Made for traveling.

Made for travel is always a silly thing to write on a baby gear package because when that kid is small enough to be called a baby, ANYwhere you bring it is going to be considered “travel” for all the items you’ve gotta bring with. And don’t forget the Cheerios.

And that formula! It’s got to be perfect.

The Pureray comes with two bottles in a holster, each one with a cap that converts to an ultraviolet ray projector for the liquid to be held in the bottle. Get your ray on!

Designers: Hwa-yong Shin & Hannah Kim

Pureray ultraviolet light ray baby bottle by Hwa-yong Shin and Hannah Kim