Ultraviolet Baby Bottle

Dubbed “Pureray” by its creators in reference to its completely amazing ultraviolet rays lamp at the base and amplification pipe up the center. Each bottle is stored with a cap which screws off the top, screws on the bottom, and provides ultraviolet light to disinfect any evil viruses or germs one baby formula on the rocks might have. Made for traveling.

Made for travel is always a silly thing to write on a baby gear package because when that kid is small enough to be called a baby, ANYwhere you bring it is going to be considered “travel” for all the items you’ve gotta bring with. And don’t forget the Cheerios.

And that formula! It’s got to be perfect.

The Pureray comes with two bottles in a holster, each one with a cap that converts to an ultraviolet ray projector for the liquid to be held in the bottle. Get your ray on!

Designers: Hwa-yong Shin & Hannah Kim

Pureray ultraviolet light ray baby bottle by Hwa-yong Shin and Hannah Kim






  • Jason says:

    Shouldn’t babies be exposed to viruses and germs to build their immune systems? Yes.

  • Curves says:

    Any “germs” that might harm the child are killed in the normal cycle of a dishwasher. A teaspoon of beach does wonders in a sink full of hot soapy water too.

    AND the kid will get addicted to the little light and he wont ever take anything else. This mom votes no.

  • The Lab says:

    UV light could also create free radicals, causing the same problems we all eat anti-oxidants to avoid. Free radicals are typically short-lived but could react with formula to form new, reactive species as well.

    This baby bottle looks like something agent Ethan Hunt would be trying to secure.

  • crashfrog says:

    Newborns basically have no immune system, they’re running on carryover immunities from their mother, but that expires at the 6th month or so and there’s usually a little bit of time before they begin to develop their own immunities. So this actually is a really good idea for infants of nursing age, who really should be protected from germs. Any germs they’re exposed to in the first 6 months, they’re not going to develop any lasting immunity to. When they’re a year or two old? Sure, start exposing them to germs. If they’re young enough for the bottle, though, they’re too young to safely deal with most illnesses.

  • moop2000 says:

    I’m very glad my parents let me get dirty as a kid, and wasn’t paranoid about germs. I’m glad I ate dirt, it meant that I spent 16 weeks in India and despite not following any of the “rules”, only got sick once.

  • skeelo58 says:

    I never use that Purell shit, or disinfectant, or any of that crap, and I NEVER get sick. But yet, my co-workers use Purell like its going out of style, and they are sick every other week it seems like.

    I wish people would lay off the anti-bacterial crap. It is doing them more harm than good.

  • masshuum says:

    Women should breast feed but it should be remembered that not all can produce enough milk and some have tainted milk. However, unless instructed otherwise breast milk as so many more benefits that it’s silly to feed a baby powder if you don’t have to. Plus, even women who breast feed pump and use bottles from time to time.

    Although it’s stupid how everyone is afraid of germs. We only have an immune system for a reason and like anything if it isn’t used properly, it gets rusty and antiquated.

  • JFK says:

    This would be great as a normal bottle for camping (those UV pens get lost easily), but as a baby bottle it’s just paranoid.

  • Bobi says:

    Ultra violet is dangerous and should not be exposed to nake eye.

  • Baltasar says:

    The UV rays, probably UV-C like one has huge effects plastics, so the pacifier might break quickly after a few uses.
    Also babies need to put stuff in their mouths to get the proper bacteria’s you need to have in your digestion system, they aren’t there naturally.

  • parent says:

    A product that parents and our planet does not need.cmon guys wake up!

  • bnn says:

    hey guys, did you even read the article? this could be a needful item when your travelling and there is no proper way to clean the bottles or the pacifier. how many of you actually have kids? hands up! i’m a father of two and yes: we would like to have a bottle that helps us to get rid of unwanted germs when we’re travelling. do you know that there are some harmful bacteria around that will make your child seriously ill?

    there is no black or white: if your surrounding is too clean, your child might get allergy-prone skin or some other disease of civilisation. if your surrounding is infected by some harmful bacteria, your child might get a life-threatening diarrhea. would you bear that risk when you travelling with you child?

  • J Mers says:

    Did this ever go into production? Have these ever been made and tested? How much would it cost?

  • J Mers says:

    Did this ever go into production? Have these ever been made and tested? How much would it cost?

  • Buyer says:

    Id like to buy the bootle today:)!

  • Henry.Lau says:

    can i import to china? i am a distributor..please reply

  • Henry.Lau says:

    Did this ever go into production and can i import to china? i am a distributor..please reply

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