Protect Your Feet In Disaster

The Braun Post-Disaster Emergency Foot Protective Accessory is for the rescue workers who are there on scene of disasters like earthquakes. Due to the disturbed topography after such calamities, the feet of the rescue guys are most vulnerable and susceptible to injury and infection. Shards of glass, nails, debris etc. hamper the mission and walking over them always poses a threat. This handy contraption fits snugly over the shoe and protects the feet from accidental nips and cuts thanks to its sturdy structure. It’s a two-part thing with a steel and silica gel insole and an over-the-shoe strap-up.

Designer: Huang Zheng

Braun Post-Disaster Emergency Foot Protective Accessory by Huang Zheng








  • Confucius says:

    Um, “those anti rusting metal sheets” wouldn’t allow enough flexibility in the shoes and combined with the extra weight, would give the rescuer the agility of lamp post. Have you tried running in ski boots?

    Your (kinda) solving one problem (which really isn’t a problem IMO). But creating more problems in the process.

  • vatsal says:

    does fire workers get benefited too??? i mean what if the metal gets heated?

  • wizzpopp says:

    Is this a school project?

  • wizzpopp says:

    looks like a decent pair of boots would be cheaper to produce.

    Also a full steel plate in the sandal would make it difficult to walk on uneven surfaces.

    The straps and general size of them would also make them cumbersome and quite difficult to walk in IMO.

  • quick question: doesn´t rescuers already have protective boots not nike´s?

  • Adam says:

    I like the clever dual use of the bag 🙂

  • A steel and silica gel insole? doesnt that make it a bit less flexible???

  • Logan says:

    So you are creating a protective gear to fit over protective gear? Why not just reinvent the protective footwear?
    I realize these reply’s might seem harsh, but that’s criticism. You can’t have creativity and innovation without outside critiques to assist in the process; you need to see it from all angles to develop a better product.

  • Michman says:

    In Australia all emergency services and I presume as well around the world are required to have protective footwear before being allowed in any rescue capacity. They are all issued with boots that would be impeded by this.

    I’d recommend this not be for the rescue workers but as emergency covers for survivors to use to move around there area.

  • J Dizzle says:

    And in your world the only way to puncture a foot is through the sole? In my experience with unstable terrain, the sides and top of a boot are just as high of a concern as the bottom. Try again.

  • Jan says:

    Good design, I like to

  • Tod man says:

    A very interesting design, should receive attention.

  • Jimmy C says:

    You all make good points, but I feel you’re being a bit cruel. I would think this is for the people who don’t have boots at disaster sites. The lack of flexibility isn’t really an issue, and sometimes “decent pairs of boots” don’t cut it.

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