This smart purifier will elevate your air quality and home interior

With every passing year, we are seeing the effects of pollution seep deeper into our lives. Earlier it would only affect your health if you spent too much time outdoors, especially in an urban setting, but now we are learning that the air indoor can be 5x more polluted than outside. While a long term solution is adopting a sustainable lifestyle, you can make changes in your immediate environment overnight with appliances like air purifiers to improve the air quality for your health. Air purifiers are generally not something we consider as an accent piece in our homes but Air O, a conceptual air purifier, is here to change that.

Air purifiers have slowly become essentials in homes after the US EPA and WHO stated that PM2.5 indoors air quality is more toxic than outdoor air. It prompted people to monitor their living spaces, especially those with existing conditions like asthma or families with newborns. In addition to appliances, people also get indoor plants to naturally purify the air, but having both take up space and increases maintenance. Air O is the perfect fusion of a purifier and a planter that not only frees up and make corners of your home look tidy, it also gives your interior style a minimalistic upgrade. You can control Air O through an app on your smartphone and get timely reports on the air quality or notifications about changing the filters.

The designer’s idea to combine plants with an air purifier was like adding a turbocharger to make the appliance perform better while retaining the soothing presence of plants. The appliance is designed to look like a luxury plant holder with pineapple-like grooves that add texture to the otherwise matte black gadget. Air O’s sleek make it a perfect fit in any space and you won’t have to worry about a bulky air purifier being an eyesore in your home. Also, the plant really elevates the environment apart from having emotional benefits. I bet no one will be able to tell its an air purifier and they’ll assume you are a real adult now with real thriving plants in your home – nice feeling, isn’t it?

Designer: Sheng-Wen Wang

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