This Customizable Dining System Is Perfect For Your Spring Yard Picnics & Brunches

Designed by Belgian furniture brand Extremis, this modular outdoor dining system is named Panigiri, and it is designed to accommodate a whole bunch of people to sit comfortably in a range of seating options. The Panigiri dining system is designed by the Extremis founder Dirk Wynants, and it features a long table with either an attached bench seating or open space for chairs.

Designer: Extremis

Since spring is almost here, the Panigiri dining system is excellent for your yards. It features various benches which are divided so that each seating spot can be easily and efficiently accessed, without having to clamber over it. There is also an option of an add-on called the Bring Your Own Seat (BYOS), and it can be easily hooked onto the benches to build a supportive, comfy, and chair-like sitting experience with a backrest.

The dining system is named after the Greek words “pan” and “giri” which means “all” and “gathering”. The seating solution was designed to encourage and facilitate communal dining, where family members and loved ones can gather to share a lovely meal. The table can be customized to any desired length, capable of seating any number of people.

The dining system is available in three iterations – the Panigiri picnic, Panigiri Table, and Panigiri Combo. The Panigiri Picnic has a picnic-table-style setup with bench seating, while the Table features no built-in seating, and can be used with supplementary chairs. The Combo merges the elements of both these styles and formats. The furniture is made from steel and ash wood and is designed for longevity. Extremis utilized the excess wood from other collections to build the dining system, in turn minimizing the environmental impact they create. The dining system is perfect for lovely spring picnics or Sunday brunches with your friends or families, although it isn’t very tiny, and would need some space in your yard, you could customize it to get the length that perfectly works for you and your backyard.