Everyday Socket Rings

Welcome back for this day’s installment of the Everyday. Every single day you (or at least I) use a plug, or multiple plugs to activate the objects we use that require the power. The power of electricity. But how can the power of LOVE be attained? With a plug. In what’s more than just a simple gesture here, Anna Yu of Yu Yu Design presents the Plug and Socket Duo Ring – one male, one female.

Made of PURE 925 silver. Best silver ever. I love cute little guys like these, especially when they can be worn without their clever intent intact. You could even put a nice gem in the weird crevices, if you’d feel so strangely inclined. These are part of a full, albeit limited edition ring from Yu Yu.

Designer: Anna Yu of YU YU Design



Plug and Socket Duo Ring by Anna Yu of YU YU Design