You Have Smartphones? Here’s a Smartwatch

Sleek and minimal? Check. Large screen? Check. Oodles of tech? Check, check and check! The E’llipse Traveler is a watch to end all watches. Why? Because it has a fancy processor and the latest algorithms in human-machine learning. Yes it learns you! It knows what you want and keeps you up to date. That’s not all. ZigBee and Bluetooth modules enable indoor localization, an impossible feat for GPS. The UI is based on widgets – one for every kind; time, weather, calendar and a custom API lets developers get creative.

Designers: Su Chew Lee & Paolo Di Prodi

E'llipse Traveler Timepiece by Su Chew Lee & Paolo Di Prodi


  • Fascinating to see –
    1) How the watch ran a full cycle – from just a time indicator to a sports stopwatch, lap timer, calendar, reminder-alarm all rolled in one; display functions including multiple chimes, phases of the moon, TV; occupying different places of the wearer’s body from hand (carriage) to pocket to wrist, neck, fingers … and finally gravitating to being just a plane time indicating wristwatch.
    2) How the cell-phone is likewise, eating into the spaces of PDA, lat-top, FM radio, smartcam, MP4 player… will we ever see a basic cell-phone again?

  • Diego says:

    great design! love it!

  • mif991 says:

    It has an attractive feminine feel to it. Can you work on a masculine one? Nice job.

  • design check says:

    it concerns me the similarity of this with the Seiko E-Ink watch… stuffing technology about how this does “everything for everyone” into a form factor created by Seiko is stretching the term “design”

    please try again:

    • Stone Rhino says:

      Wow, youre right! Their both bracelets. Thats totally like copyright infringement or something.

      The seiko watch is a boxy, two tone design without any hinge, as it is meant to be slid on.

      This design has clean lines, a multicolor display, and is meant to be clasped over the writs.

      Please try again.

  • Logan says:

    pretty cool.

    One thing about watches or ‘wrist devices’ that I’ve always had trouble with; after a while they irritate the skin. I rarely wear one because of this. Could you think about some way to combat that in your design?

  • aa says:

    Cool man!!!

  • Sue says:

    More info and update are available at

  • matthias says:

    soooo cool……..

  • Sikke says:

    When can we buy it???!

  • Sikke says:

    When can we buy it???!

  • J J says:

    When will be available to buy and where ?. It is very cool …

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