5 Zaras Tall

Welcome to the flagship store “Zara” of the Inditex Group, a group known for several brands of fabulous fashion clothing.* What this post is about is the installation they’ve got sitting in from of their Milan store. It’s five meters tall. It’s white, colorful, and magnificent. AND it’s designed by UNStudio, a group Yanko is DEFINITELY guilty of loving for their excellence in architecture. Behold this mighty column!

*Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho, Uterqüe, Stradivarius and Bershka are brands under the Inditex Group label. Just incase you wanted to know.

This installation is in place to coincide with Milan’s International Furniture Fair. It is five meters tall, has a diameter of 4.85 meters, and has a total surface area of 130m^2. Large! It’s made of coated aluminum and is lit from the inside using an array of LED lights. Inside the store’s windows are two smaller structures similar in dimensions. Cute minis!

BONUS: I’m just guessing on this, but – SOON they’ll have agreed to let me live inside the structure after they’re done using it for the fair! Hooray! I plan on floating across the ocean in it. What better way to be the first person to float aimlessly around the world than to do it in such a magnificent piece of sculptural architecture? Yessir!

Designer: UNStudio

Installation at Zara flagship store in Milan for the 2010 furniture fair by UNStudio