Taking the moving pictures rather literally!


The Cycling Cinema takes the drive-in experience and turns it into a drive-around experience! Combining human love for cinema with Netherland’s love for cycling, the beautiful Cycling Cinema is an all in one theater experience that Milan Tak of the Design Academy Eindhoven developed out of his love of sharing his favorite movies with his friends. He created the Cycling Cinema, a highly Art Deco styled moving movie-theater fully built in with a projector and screen, speakers, a popcorn machine, and even those retro movie theater signboards with the replaceable letters that will spell out the movies Milan curates for his friends! I’m loving the 1920s style language (when the cinema truly exploded with the talkies making their debut), and everything else from the colors to the font selection. 10/10 would come to watch movies in their friend’s backyards with the Cycling Cinema!

Designer: Milan Tak