Bicycle Parking, Long Term

Sometimes “long term parking” is another way of saying “your bike got jacked” – not this time though, this is a much better deal. It’s a bike rack concept, but better than that, it’s a long term bike rack, including safe storage, WC, showers, and lounge. This is precisely what a city like Minneapolis is starving for.

I currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I can say without hesitation that this is a bike town. It’s a big city, one of two within miles of eachother, (we’re called the “Twin Cities,” perhaps you’ve heard of us,) full of bikes. Having stations like this instead of congested rails alongside coffee shops stunk up with the sweat of long-run armpits, well, that’d be great!

Especially between outlying areas and the big city center.

Read below for a little bit more info and ask questions! The designer of this project, Yinnon Lehrer, is watching, and I bet answers would be given upon request.

Designer: Yinnon Lehrer

Long Term Bicycle Parking Stations by Yinnon Lehrer







  • Great concept … Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • SkyWay says:

    As a biking enthusiast, I like this design very much.

    Now if we could get something like that here in Finland too, I would feel a lot safer when leaving my bike outside my house 🙂

  • iperpaolo says:

    complete, Good concept. You can increase parking density , with 2 or 3 bike for each stick, with radial arrangement (120 degree Y )

  • looseroots says:

    I like it.

  • Margot says:

    So do these bikes only go 1 layer deep vertically? If they go deeper, how do you get your bike down if it is the first one in the rack? It seems to me that this would be like being boxed in when returning to a parked car – very frustrating. How do you prevent this from happening?

  • Seizure says:

    Ehhhh. Hate to be the one to oppose this, but it may just be because I’m not a biking enthusiast. I can see these becoming a real eyesore with time. Through constant public use, these seemingly space-age units will quickly become disgusting. I can’t imagine the showers being terribly clean unless they are frequently maintained. People will probably use them for public sex, defecate in them, all sorts of things, in addition to the general tagging and vandalizing that will occur.

  • Slogmeister says:

    You have got to be kidding. There are enough horrifyingly ugly structures in the Twin Cities, the last thing we need is a giant monstrosity to hold everybody’s beat up bicycles. Not only that, Seizure is right. People in this town are disgusting, and the entire structure will end up being litter-strewn and covered in all kinds of unspeakable bodily fluids as well as graffiti. Additionally, we already have enough taxes levied upon us trying to keep up with a light-rail system that not enough people use. I don’t want to pay even more to have some overpaid zipperhead come out to fail to clean these things once a month.

    The fact is, more people use cars than bicycles, because more people live outside of the city than inside the city. Additionally, people who want to park their bike long-term will just LEAVE IT HOME.

    Granted, from Yanko’s standpoint – form over function, it’s a great idea. But from a practical standpoint, it’s useless.

    • bob says:

      slog, you’re an idiot.

    • Lex says:

      Slog, you must live in a different Twin Cities than I do, because the LRT has gotten more ridership year over year, breaking 10 million rides in 2008. What qualifies as “enough” use, if not 10 million rides?

      Light rail and other mass transit options are something both Minneapolis and St. Paul have needed for ages, but misinformed people like you believe that people choose car transit over these other options because they like it.

      We drive in this town because there’s precious few other options. City planning has always favored car transit, not the travelers themselves.

  • Jo says:

    are there any prototypes built? do you have contact information?

  • ticso says:


  • LuisChang says:

    A New Way to Park Bicycles.. Hang them in a Bike Tree!

    tokyo bicycle parking tower

    COPY??? 抄襲???

  • cani says:

    The new Marguerite parking is a compact mechanism that offers enough parking space for numerous bikes in a limited space.
    Taking a cue from nature, French designer Yoann Henry Yvon
    has tossed up an innovative parking design for bikes in ever-expanding cities of the developed as well as the developing world. Featuring several rows of bike holders, resembling petals surfacing from a centerpiece, the ‘Marguerite’ bike parking rack is a compact but functional parking solution for urban areas. The petals, located on the spokes, work like holders and grip the bikes firmly.

  • Abhilash says:

    @lex “What qualifies as “enough” use, if not 10 million rides?”

    The Mumbai suburban transport system ferries 6 million people a DAY!!!

  • roho says:

    see similar and beautifully thought out work here

  • R Y Munni says:


  • R Y Munni says:


  • Photoshop Clipping Path (US) says:

    Good concept.

  • Photoshop Clipping Path (US) says:

    Good concept.

  • Deepetch says:

    Amazing idea and i am sure it will rock when it come alive. Thanks for sharing and best of luck for you future endeavor…

  • Deepetch says:

    Amazing idea and i am sure it will rock when it come alive. Thanks for sharing and best of luck for you future endeavor…

  • Excellent idea and perfect finishing. Really a nice post. Thanks to share with us. Keep it up.

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  • Gene Oh says:

    Hello, I am very interested in seeing how this project is going, and perhaps if I can help bring this to market. Please contact me – Gene

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  • Wilma says:

    Our lab has found and imported it from New Zealand.

  • Moniruzzaman says:

    This collection is really awesome. Thanks for posting it.

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