Bicycle Parking, Long Term

Sometimes “long term parking” is another way of saying “your bike got jacked” – not this time though, this is a much better deal. It’s a bike rack concept, but better than that, it’s a long term bike rack, including safe storage, WC, showers, and lounge. This is precisely what a city like Minneapolis is starving for.

I currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I can say without hesitation that this is a bike town. It’s a big city, one of two within miles of eachother, (we’re called the “Twin Cities,” perhaps you’ve heard of us,) full of bikes. Having stations like this instead of congested rails alongside coffee shops stunk up with the sweat of long-run armpits, well, that’d be great!

Especially between outlying areas and the big city center.

Read below for a little bit more info and ask questions! The designer of this project, Yinnon Lehrer, is watching, and I bet answers would be given upon request.

Designer: Yinnon Lehrer

Long Term Bicycle Parking Stations by Yinnon Lehrer