Moonwalking? Try Moonriding!


I wonder why not many people have worked towards making a commercial fully covered bicycle. It’s a relatively uncharted territory. However, we’ll have to do with concepts till then, won’t we? The Moon expandable urban vehicle is aptly named for its design style. Its perfectly circular shape with the cut across makes it look like a half-moon gliding down the road, or its metaphorical orbit.

The design features a regular moped that has a complete glass ceiling and two semicircular windows. An enclosed space means your ride feels more private and there’s an illusion of extra personal space because it isn’t just an open vehicle. The back tyre’s been widened for extra stability, actually making it feel more like a buggy than a two wheeler. The design certainly looks refreshing, bringing about a futuristic appeal through simplicity.

Designers: Alejandro Lanatta and Franco Di Pietro.