Single Pen Dispenses All Colors

A must-have on any designer’s desk is his marker pen; the more, the merrier! Getting high-tech about the colors and tools is this Braun Markerfool Marker Pen. It’s been designed especially to provide a variety of colors from just a single pen. Kinda like a miniature inkjet printer, that has a touch screen so that you can mix in the CMYK colors and use them. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black! Altho not elaborated, it claims to be an eco-friendly concept, I assume it’s coz you’ll need a lot less pens. Just this one!

Designer: Hai-Ling Zhong

Braun Markerfool Marker Pen by Hai-Ling Zhong






  • Adam says:

    This is a very clever design. Excellently executed.

    You’ve ruined it by adding greenwash and claiming environmental benefits. If you actually do a lifecycle analysis you will see that the material and energy inputs and waste of this device, with a screen and PCB, vastly outweighs the material and energy inputs even of several years worth of (refillable) traditional marker pen.

    Don’t make environmental claims unless you have actually researched it and can back it up. It’s a shame to tarnish an excellent concept with vague greenwash.

    • Radhika Seth says:

      I quite agree Adam, hopefully the designer can elaborate what is the eco-friendly element in this design.

  • Armin says:

    If the colors were accurate, this would be an awesome print color proofing tool.

    I am curious to know how he cleans the tip when changing colors.

  • T.T says:


  • Stephen says:

    “With the feature of contractions and expansions under the variational pressure, the crystalloid pile out the ink accurately and equably.”

    Umm…what? Just say what you want to say, not what you think others want to hear. You’ve confused a simple product with wordiness and given yourself a few typos that also knock down your credibility.

    • p says:

      she’s clearly asian, give her a break. you’re smart enough to deduce what she’s saying.

  • FLX says:

    This looks quite uncomfortable to hold… i wouldnt wanna draw with such a clumsy pen!

  • Chris says:

    good idea but this doesn’t look like braun at all..

  • ADD says:

    I like this concept.
    But..When you are rendering, you may not like to spend time to develop/select right color.
    I suggest you to provide a color palette preferably printed catalogue..then just carry your ‘Markerfool’ to the desired color.. then with a click of the button the marker will have that color.

    • georgeojungle says:

      You can easily get a Pantone color “book” at most any graphics or printer supply house which will tell you how much magenta, cyan, etc to dial in.
      My only concern about this marker is the possible cartridge replacement cost. Just like ink jet printers where the printer is cheap and they screw you on ink.

  • r4 ds card says:

    but why would anyone need such pens? I mean why should I buy it?….. Please provide more information over it. Provide links to related topics if possible.keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.

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