Beauty in The Form of A Sideboard

If you’re like us, then I’m sure you enjoy incorporating a little bit of your personality into your home. This is exactly what the stunning sideboard, Modulo, allows for, and it does so in such a beautiful way.

The user has the freedom to select from the modular elements and configure the sideboard to fit their exact needs; from the draws and compartments they desire, right down to the more personal elements such as the materials and color schemes.

The geometric, grid-like design gives Modulo a strong and powerful presence that allows it to become a statement item of furniture within the room. The powder-coated sheet metal elements hint towards an industrial aesthetic, this is softened by the double level wooden top that spans the length of the sideboard.

Modulo is a truly beautiful piece of design that integrates modularly and individuality so seamlessly, and for this reason we love it!

Designer: Florestan Schuberth of Studio Marfa