Another Glass of Bombay 2009

Oh you’re empty? Perhaps you’d like another sip. A few weeks ago we published the finalists for the 2009 Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition. After you look at that again, come back and take a peek at these followup videos of the big time event at the London Design Festival!

Bombay Sapphire at London Design Festival 2009

First we’ve got some on-site footage of the event where the glasses are judged, London Design Festival 2009, complete with the judges, prize-bestower Yves Behar of the Fuse Project Studio, and oh you get to see who won! BONUS you get to see the Bombay Bahar drink mix. Ohhh baybay!

Then we’ve got more London Design Festival action with Bombay at the Tent Digital with some fantastic digital commissions made by Seeper Interactive including an infrared-detecting spheroid and a three-person touch-screen music machine. BONUS another drink mix by the same guy! Hooray!

And finally, the creation of a gigantoric chess set designed by none other than everyone’s favorite artist and designer outta Madrid, Jamie Hayon! His is a story you must read.

Then, yet again! A drink concoction in celebration!

This could be the beginning of an awesome short movie series: Title, Event, Drink Mix in Celebration! Totally amazing. Completely totally amazing series in my mind.

Remember to always to be safe while drinking and judging!