The Ultimate Flat Iron, KQC Turbo Review

A flat iron review? Are you serious? Yes I’m TOTALLY FOR SERIOUS. The KQC Turbo Generation II isn’t just any flat iron. It comes with a slew of promises from faster, safer heating to protecting your hair while straightening it. Any of you privy to the experience of professional irons know there is a huge difference between a $200+ iron and a $30+ iron. Hit the jump and I’ll explain why this $200+ iron is a must have for anyone who regularly straightens their hair.

Straightening hair is damaging. Hair is strong but it wasn’t meant to be heated up at over 100ºF over and over. All irons have the same basic construction – a tong shaped tool with two metal plates that sandwich hair between them. The KQC Turbo II is different because the plates are ceramic and tourmaline. Ceramic performs as well as metal but creates a reaction when in contact with protein – the chief compound of hair. The resulting negative ions seal in moisture and protect the hair shaft, two benefits you can’t get from metal plates. Tourmaline is a mineral gemstone that evenly conducts heat preventing static which is a huge problem with cheaper irons.

Since I’m Asian, my hair is pretty straight. I only straighten it to produce certain styles. To put the KQC Turbo II to the test, I asked my friend Manaja to be my test subject – or rather her hair. Manaja’s hair texture is dense and curly. She’s straightened her hair before but avoids it because it breaks easily. I had already used the iron on myself so I gave her my assurance.

This iron is a dream to work with. It’s incredibly lightweight (thanks to ceramics) and heats up insanely fast (also thanks to ceramics). All I did to prep was brush Manaja’s hair and mist it with a heat protectant. As soon as I clamped the iron down on her hair, none of the sizzling or steaming prevalent in cheaper irons appeared. In under 20 minutes her thick hair was straightened. It would normally take her close to an hour with a regular iron. Her hair came out extremely silky and shiny and to her surprise and relief – no breakage.

What we loved:

  • Ceramic and tourmaline technology unique to KQC
  • Quick to heat up, quick to cool down
  • Comes with safety stand and pouch for travel
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Affordable considering cost of other professional irons
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple heat settings

What could be improved:

  • Longer cord

Designer: KQC ( Buy it here )