Clinking Bottles No More

A drinks caddy need not fall under ID but a functional twist to the design, definitely warrants a mention. I’m talking about the W310 WAVE Drinks Caddy, an ideal basket to transport your precious bottles of sodas and wine from point A to point B. The outer wave structure makes it easy to fit the basket in the boot of a car. However the coolest part is the inner bottle-separator that holds each bottle in its place, therefore no clinking, clashing of glass.

The strong, sturdy handle is ergonomically designed and positioned at the center of the caddy for maximum comfort. What I also like about it is that you can dump some ice between the bottles to chill them on the go. I know we have icebox coolers for that, but how many of them can easily transform between a drinks caddy, a newspaper holder and a pot for your plants, as this?

Designers: Ante Vanilla