Shadow Lighting

Shade is a tool that allows you to control and sculpt shadows. To define new shadows in the room, you manipulate light through touching and stroking the surface in different ways. Shade also has behavioral automation that detects the way you move and where you place yourself in the room. This automation adjusts the shadows based on your habits.

This concept had me scratching my head. “What the hell is the designer talking about!?!” After some thought, it’s as clear as day!  You can’t have shade or shadow without light so this product allows you to manipulate shadow which is the causality of light. Wait, did I just confuse you some more?  Just think of it this way. It’s a fancy touchscreen light that remembers how you like to have it set.

Designer: Olivier Butstraen


Shade - Shadow Lighting by Olivier Butstraen






  • MarvinTheManiclyDepr says:

    That shade thing is awesome!!! I want one!!!

  • MarvinTheManiclyDepressedRobot says:

    That shade thing is awesome!!! I want one!!!

  • A photographic concept to lighting up a space.nice work!

  • TC says:

    This work is amazing ! Gives me answers about the rôel of light in an interior.

    Does anyone knows where this guy works ? I’d love to see what he can do for my flat in Paris …

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