Just a’ Chillin It in the Cube

Have a seat, take a load off, enjoy some well-earned moments of peace inside your very own “Hûske.” What kinds of Hûske are there, you might ask? Well I can tell you! There’s the Rocking House, the Phone Booth, and the Mobile House. All the colors compliment each-other the way the structures themselves compliment the cubicle workday they are meant to accompany.

The most important part of working for a company is chilling. Just chilling, taking a break, taking a sip of a brewskie probably, listen to some Van Halen on the radio.

A readable amount of time is spent each day by the cubicle-sort of office person. What Jurjen Van Hulzen dubbs this is “Non-Work”. It’s not really slipping out for a cigarette. These were made for real hardcore chillin folk whose bosses are either very loving or extremely hard of seeing. What they replace is the sitting zone everyone needs where they cannot be seen. Currently this is made by the walls of the bathroom. Now it’s cute!

Everybody take a 5 minute break.

Click em if ye got em.

Designer: Jurjen van Hulzen




WURK It Hûske furniture set by Jurjen van Hulzen