This retro desk heater takes on a cylindrical shape and glossy finish to fit into and warm up any home office!

Home offices are meant to be cozy and relaxed– a private escape to finish up work in a place that’s far away from the distractions and noise of crowded office buildings. When designing home offices, while they should reflect that feeling of respite, a solid amount of home comforts should always come first, and that includes personal heaters. Those oscillating bounties of warmth cuddle up next to our feet to keep our bottom half toasty, so designer Dadaism J created a personal heater for the desk, so our top-halves can keep warm too.

Sometimes home offices are located in the rooms that no one else wanted– the renovated garage without heat or the entryway of the basement that comes with a door that locks. Home offices don’t always come equipped with the comforts or luxuries of fully insulated office buildings, so having a desk heater to keep warm during the colder months might be just what a home office needs to keep the workday going. Dadaism J’s desk heater wears a glossy, retro finish and takes a vertical, cylindrical shape to easily fit onto any desk in any office.

Dadaism J’s portable Desk Heater is a wired appliance that works in a similar fashion to traditional space heaters, by simply plugging the Desk Heater’s cord into the wall, the appliance disperses warm air into the room. Embedded inside Desk Heater’s main compartment, heat coils convert the electrical energy into heat, sending it through the heater’s diagonal plastic grating. Throughout Desk Heater’s build, minimalist accents like the grating give the appliance a finished look. Desk Heater echoes the design language of retro ‘50s home appliances through its slick, glossy finish, but packs the heat with an intuitive control panel fit for today.

Designer: Dadaism J

Taking the visual design language of retro 50s appliances, Desk Heater dons a reflective, glossy exterior to brighten up the home office.

An intuitive control panel is located on the Desk Heater’s top so users can adjust settings however they like.

Coming in optic white, burnt neon orange, and stone blue – the Desk Heater can fit into any home office.