Braun V-Stol Bathing System

For those of you who have nursed an ill or bedridden family member, you’ll agree that giving them a bath is the most time consuming and fragile moment. Transporting them to and from the showers & keeping them steady during the bath can be a draining experience. The Braun V-Stol System looks at cutting the trauma, by providing a refreshing bath right on the patient’s bed. The system consists of an inflatable container in which the patient lays; a shower with hot water at different pressures, a container of water (3 liters capacity) and controls.

The system works this way; you place the inflatable mattress under the patient and inflate it. It becomes like a shallow tub for him to lie in. Hook up the water motor and shower system. After the bath, simply drain out the water from the side to a container and deflate the mattress. Principles of the Venturi effect are used in this system. And details like a comfy elevated headrest has been taken care of.

The V-Stol is more for the terminally ill and old frail folks; from past personal experience of nursing an ill family member, I think this idea is really awesome.

Designers: Leonor Eguiarte Gallardo & Daniel Milchtein Pelstverger