These Trendy Headphones Help You Escape Into a World of Music in Style and for $39

With the number of visuals and noises bombarding us every day, it’s really no surprise that many people easily feel tired and stressed even before they clock out of work or school. And even when you do get home, the noise from neighbors or your surroundings can keep you from entering a more relaxed state that you need to wind down. Many will want to escape this sensory overload and plunge themselves into their favorite tunes, but loudspeakers, ineffective earbuds, and uncomfortable headphones make that activity more stressful than it’s worth. Fortunately, help is on the way! This bold pair of headphones delivers all the features you need to immerse yourself in an exceptional audio experience while looking chic and stylish at the same time.

Designers: Tony Zhang and the Finnish Design Team

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Wireless earbuds might be convenient, but they still have a long way to go to catch up with honest-to-goodness over-ear headphones in many aspects. From sound quality to noise cancellation to battery life, these bigger audio accessories also deliver bigger features, but many of these come at too high a cost for most people, making them feel left out of the joys of an immersive listening experience. That’s where the Haylou S35 ANC comes in, bringing all the over-ear headphones goodness to your life and then some!

ANC Crystal Clear Calls – Haylou S35 ANC can pick up voice precisely, enabling ultra-clear call quality even in noisy environments like airports, subways, and offices.

-42dB ANC Block Background Noise – With hybrid ANC technology, the five microphones work together to block noise up to 42dB.

Hi-Res Audio – 40mm dynamic driver brings true-to-life rendering of treble, mids and bass. You can even use them when they are out of power with the 3.5mm interface.

With its 40mm dynamic driver, these trendy headphones bring high-quality audio on all ranges, from powerful bass to enchanting treble and everything in between. Five microphones work together to block out unwanted noise up to 42dB, ensuring that all you here are the tunes you love. At the same time, however, the Haylou S35 ANC also makes sure you don’t shut your loved ones out with a special mode that softens the music and lets ambient sound in, allowing you to communicate clearly without having to take your headphones off.

Low Latency Mode – Enjoy smooth gaming experience with Bluetooth 5.2 technology and low-latency gaming mode. The wired mode can even achieve true zero-lag.

60 Hour Extra Long Battery Life – Enables full-featured all-day wireless playback. Get charged conveniently with a Type-C interface.

The Haylou S35 ANC isn’t just for pleasurable music either. Bluetooth 5.2 brings low-latency audio to level up your gaming experience, while a call microphone lets you make crystal clear voice calls even in the middle of a busy crowd. The built-in battery promises 60 hours of use, but you can continue listening to your music, podcasts, or games even when the battery runs out, thanks to the 3.5mm audio jack.

These powerful headphones make you feel good not only with their music but also with their eye-catching looks. Combining “Very Peri,” Pantone’s Color of the Year, with “Hermes Orange” turns the Haylou S35 ANC into a bold fashion statement. The leather-padded headband with metal support gives it outstanding durability, while memory foam ear cushions ensure your comfort no matter how long you wear them. It’s a true masterpiece of Nordic minimalist design concepts brought to life in a stylish and fun product.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $39.98 $57.12 (30% off with coupon code “YANKODESIGN20”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!