DIY Grass Clock

Researching for this article I came across the Treehugger post on Ustatic’s Wall Grass Concept. You must understand this concept before you can digest the Hour///Gras Living Wall Clock. Based on Ustatic’s theory that growing grass at home is beneficial, this concept clock encourages you to grow either grass or other suitable plants in a stainless steel and glass body frame and hang it on a wall. The hour and minute hand pass over the patch of grass and trim it via their sharpened edges and help maintain a pre-set level of grass-blade length.

In case you sow wheatgrass, you can consume the trimmings but for any other plant, just dispose of the clippings which pass through the grates at the bottom of the encasement into a slide-out container. On maintenance point of view, a watering basin is located at the top right corner of the frame and Ventilation grills run along the top of the structure.

Point is…do you need a grass patch in your home? If you do, then are you willing to do the labor? The only benefit I see of this clock is if you’re going to grow wheatgrass (or similar); my parents swear by the benefits of consuming it.

Designer: J Yu

Hour///Gras Living Wall Clock Concept by J Yu