Advanced Appliance Aesthetics!


The Belyse air purifier is a part of that era of products that celebrates ‘form follows emotion’. The designer raises the question that everything in the modern day house has an element of emotional design today. Home Decor is bought purely out of personal tastes and emotions, so appliances must follow suit. The Belyse is a result of that outlook, thus being a Scandinavian inspired design that celebrates purity with its white and grey color scheme and clean surface treatment. The upper white element works as a purifier while the base is responsible for being a charging dock. The purifier can be hung over the cooking or dining area and even doubles up as a lamp. You can also use it in ‘air-wash mode’, while having it docked and running on the charging base. While the air-purifier doesn’t really break barriers in the functionality department, it’s a wonderful exercise in creating an aesthetic that is triggered by emotional cues. What do you think?

Designer: Jong Hyuk Bae