This reusable folding plate functions as a storage container + a sustainable alternative to disposable tableware!

Calzone is a reusable folding plate, inspired by (you guessed it), the Italian crescent-shaped turnovers that are so loved by everyone.

You know those perfect Sundays, when your friends and you manage to be free on the same day after what seems like ages, and you somehow find yourself on an impromptu picnic, lazing in the sun and sipping on homemade mimosas! Sound’s like heaven, doesn’t it? As much as I love a picnic or two with my close ones, packing for one is always a major headache, and not to mention the opposite of sustainable, since half of the picnic basket is full of disposable plates and containers! As convenient as these disposable items may seem at the moment, they are in fact a complete terror to the environment. In an attempt to create an innovative alternative to disposable plates and plastic bags, BDCI designed ‘Calzone’.

The colorful product is perfect for picnics and hikes, because not only can it store food, but it also functions as a plate! When folded, and closed in half, Calzone functions as a nifty little container, but when opened, it takes on a flat form and can be used as tableware to serve food. It’s the perfect replacement for one-time use zipper bags and plates! Created from medical-grade silicone, Calzone is safe enough to be placed in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and oven.

Calzone’s aesthetics are remarkably on point! The sustainable tableware comes in three color options – Florida Orange, Lemon Yellow, and Watermelon. All three colors are cheerful and robust, and just looking at them significantly lightens up your mood! Calzone also comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large. So, you can pick a size in accordance with your storage requirements.

Calzone is a sustainable, sturdy, and visually pleasing alternative to disposable products that tend to be a major curse to the environment. Calzone could be the future of tableware!

Designer: BDCI Design