These Beats No Trash

Made of just oak and steel! This Modern Marvel shall amuse and astound you! You’ve got to see it! And perhaps even some day own it. If you dare. But I can’t help you with that you’ll have to contact the musician: designer Dominic Wilcox. And when you talk to him, tell him I said he should program in the Beastie Boys.

Something ironic.

You people call yourselves MC’s but you’re garbage men
Takin’ out the trash when you pull out the pen

Aw naw nevermind. Actually each key is shorter as the ball goes down the track. Basic lovely fun. Do you remember the last xylophone design we had on here? That was a pretty wild description.

I can’t imagine this fabulous machination at home anywhere except in the home of a collector of wild and interesting items. Is that you?

Stay weird.

Designer: Dominic Wilcox

xylophonebin 01

Xylophone Bin by Dominic Wilcox