Glo Pillow – Gently Wakes You In 40 Minutes by Eoin McNally & Ian Walton

This project aims to design a better and more natural way of being woken than the alarm clock, which is a very violent and intrusive method that disrupts sleep patterns and can induce a ‘fight or flight’ reaction. The ‘glo pillow’ uses an integrated fabric interface for setting the alarm. The time is displayed on the surface of the pillow using an LED grid inside the pillow. The user goes to sleep and passes through the five sleep stages to REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Forty five minutes before the alarm is due to activate, the pillow begins to glow. The light intensity increases gradually from 0 lux to 250 lux and simulates a natural sunrise. At the set time the light emitted is sufficient to wake the body naturally – a positive and calming start to the day. Using light rather than sound to wake encourages the body to establish a healthy sleep rhythm, and make the day more productive and stress free. The pillow layers include an outer cover made from 100% cotton, a second layer of thin netting, a third layer of foam batting to cushion and disperse LED light, a fourth layer of an LED woven substrate developed by Phillips, and a fifth layer of 5lb density visco-elastic memory foam. Six SOFTswitch TM buttons control all of the pillow’s functions. A battery indicator glows green when the pillow is charging, and red when it needs charging. The pillow is charged by induction – the pad rests on the bed below the pillow and charges when required. This allows the pillow to be wireless and move freely about the bed. As well as using the interface, the clock can be activated by pulling the entire control panel away from the pillow – this is for easy activation in the dark.

Designer: Eoin McNally & Ian Walton


  • Haimulos says:

    Where do I sign? Really! I want it!

    • andrea little says:

      I would like to know where to get one also .We read the article in time magazine.thank you.

  • Jan says:

    This is very cool indeed…
    But I think I would always be afraid of actually sleeping on it, considering that I tend to twist, push, etc my pillows during night…

    • Frankie says:

      Yeah…one of my friends tends to try to tear apart her pillow in her sleep…not so good with this product.

  • Wow, a really useful object. The modern tendency is to embed multiple functions in our abitual tools. I’d like to test this one on my web but it seems a concept work, isn’it? As an inventor I’m working on a new RFID based jewel, if anyone is interested, you can contact me.
    Best Regards


  • On my blog “PAROLE NELLA RETE” (in italian)
    I have quoted this fantastic hi-tech pillow.



  • niki says:

    wow……..really cool where can i buy this product??????

  • Aaron says:

    Ok, seriously where can we find these?

  • Andy Mellor says:

    Brilliant product. Does anyone know where these can be bought from? Surely they’re in the marketplace?

  • 何林 says:


  • 何林 says:


  • Jacob Stueber says:

    Where / when can I get one?

  • jenny says:

    Where can i buy this product?

  • tk says:

    seriously!!! someone tell us where to buy one

  • klh says:

    Sweet! Where do you get one?? And are they extremely expensive???

  • Peter says:

    I want this pillow!!! where can I get one? And how much is it?

  • Niles Trombley says:

    This pillow is SWEET!!! I definately would buy one if it wasn’t too expensive. Awesome idea and concept I think this would kick so much ass…

  • setsu says:

    I want this pillow, too.
    How can I get one?
    Online Ok?

  • maice sally lee says:

    i want it!!! how do i get one?

  • Gena the Therapist says:

    I have been waiting for this pillow ever since I saw it listed Time!

  • Gena the Therapist says:

    Oh… I would drop several hundred of dollars for this one!

  • wally says:

    It even won a time award.

    I hate this crap. Tracking this story down through all the site it is and …..IT IS NOT REAL. this is a concept. no production, no product.

    Please state in the title that stuff you show is not real. This stupid pillow is virally everywhere with: “where can i buy it! “If this is a marketing ploy, it is stupid and annoying.

  • jimmy says:

    dude thats is the coolist idea in the world where can i get one

  • dylan says:

    how much are they, and where get get one

  • dylan says:

    where can i get one

  • edel says:

    What if I sleep on my back(or if someone has rather generous amount of thick hair)? Will the light be intense enough to wake people like this up?

  • PG says:

    Is the Glo Pillow available to purchase?

  • poiuytre says:

    Unfortunately to all you asking “where can I buy this?” well, you can’t. This is still just concept art. It’s a very neat design, but that’s all it is. It was designed by Ian Walton and Eoin McNally. More info can be found on Ian’s website Embryo:[]

  • cra says:

    cool idea, but how accurate would it be? considering not everyone is woken at the same light intensity? what if you sleep in an already light room? like if you work nights and sleep days? and how comfortable would it be?

  • Brenda K says:

    i want a glo pillow. can i buy it yet

  • dave says:

    right i think its official who ever Patent this amazing invention will be a millionaire, so take us out of our misary and make them!!!

  • dave says:

    right i think its official who ever Patent this amazing invention will be a millionaire, so take us out of our misary and make them!!!

  • Jenna says:

    How much does this cost?

  • Jenna says:

    How much does this cost?

  • Colin says:

    Where do I buy this?

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