Ok I Hear Jackie Gleason – DONT MOVE!

The product you see before you is called the “Human Antenna.” Before I explain how it works, an anecdote shall soften the blow: Today, ironically, my Uncle J said to me “did I ever tell you how my first job was as a channel changer?” – his dad’s channel changer. And not only that, his dad’s antenna too. The same concept is here, but with radio, and it’s the whole point, not just the malfunction!

This carpet is made of looms from conductive thread. As you can imagine, it acts something like a Dance Dance pad (I hope you’re with me on this one!) in that your body does the talking. The difference between Dance Dance and this is that it’s not your weight that’s making the connections happen, it’s your mass: your body picks up radio waves, conduction happens between the carpet, the wire, and the speakers, and bam!

You’ve made beautiful music together.

Designer: Florian Kräutli

Human Antenna by Florian Kräutli







  • AndrewGets says:

    oh,this carpet is so cute! I dream it to be in my photo studio. :^)

  • Margot says:

    Now if they would make one that would *erase* sound, my life in my apartment would be so much more pleasant….

  • tholaris says:

    seems like the position of the person changes the radio station and not just the volume or signal strength. I would need a red sharpy to mark out the areas of country and hip/hop i did not want people to stand. would be interesting to see a version that changes your television channel based on where you stand. no more couch potatoes… or at least the kids will get a work out as you make them switch between the news and your favorite programming.

    “Jimmy, move left. Let’s see how the Lakers are doing. BAH! Losing again! Scoot forward! FRIENDS IS ABOUT TO START! NO YOU CAN NOT USE THE TOILET UNTIL COMMERCIAL BREAK! Oh, yeah, well you pee on that rug and you won’t have to worry about anything else… ever!”

    Is my childhood showing?

  • redmond says:

    [shower + wet feet = free electrocution]

    nice concept!
    at least they’ll make good music in the death row

  • carpet says:

    i think this carpet very comfortable.

  • carpet says:

    i think this carpet very comfortable.

  • Amazing idea at integrating modern technology into ancient weave.

  • Amazing idea at integrating modern technology into ancient weave.

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