Agreed, IKEA Is Totally Inspiring

From its stylish furniture to this totally awesome concept vehicle, we all have to agree that IKEA is an inspirational brand! An identity that stands for sustainable, quality and stylized pieces at affordable prices and cannot be better reflected. This electric battery driven vehicle is very spacious and has a flexible interior. Meaning you can re-arrange the seating options to suit you. The head lights are bright OLED panels that can host changeable graphics, making it totally disco dynamite!

The vehicle uses in-wheel motors that are powered by the two battery packages placed in the front and back. The lower transparent surface and line is a dominant feature of the exteriors.

What caught my fancy is the light-up touchscreen dashboard and the pop-up display. Oh, and I forgot wooden paneling as well.

Designer: Robert Larsson

IKEA Concept Vehicle by Robert Larsson