Electric Motorcycle Route 66

What’s got two bald tires, runs on electricity, and is red and black all over? ZEVS! An elegant futuristic electric motorbike by three fellows, one of whom we’ve had up on Yanko before: Bernhard Ranner. Look and see, see and judge weather this bike performs to your aesthetic and atta-glance logistics standards if you dare.

The aim of this motorcycle, as stated in it’s outline, is thus:

“The first electric motorcycle for the real biker.” Designs for “real men”, dusty roads, in the spirit of Harley Davidson, Custom Chopper culture and the good old Route 66 romance.

Now I’m gonna always be the first to say “real men” is sort of an oxymoron where I come from, but let’s go on from there. Given the lack of statistics and logistical data we’ve been give, take this bike apart: will it be safe to have that seat in that sort of proximity to the back tire? Where will the left leg go? Will the red and blackness be outlawed like the Air Jordan Ones?

All these questions may also pale in comparison to the wildness of the design. These things often happen. Write on up! Take a crack at the keyboard. Will it blend?

Designer: Bernhard Ranner, Anders August Kittilsen, and Rudolf Stefanich

Check out the display page for this bike at Creative DNA Austria – by special request.

Electric Motorbike ZEVS by Bernhard Ranner, Anders August Kittilsen, and Rudolf Stefanich