SONEA Converts Sound to Energy

That’s no boom box! That’s no ghetto blaster! That’s a Sonea unit! It’s basically a machine which protests the waste of perfectly good noise, converting it to energy we can use to do anything! Anything at all! But probably most often such things as lighting street lamps and such.

A single Sonea unit is 450mm by 450mm by 80mm, weighing in at a whole 7kg. It converts 30 watts of power per decibel of sound it intercepts. It’s made of Poly Carbonate elements, ABS, and other more obvious components listed in the layout picture below.

One airplane liftoff makes noise around 140dB. When taking off, the amount of energy [created with the SONEA] would be about 240kW. If we calculate with 500 airplanes per day, the amount of energy would be aproximately 120MW. If this amount of energy is generated for one year, it would be the same amount of energy that is generated by 8000tons of oil.

Humongoid possibilities. I’d lay one right outside my apartment window where sirens from the nearby fire brigade station let loose pretty darn often. Loudness for my free energy!

Designers: Jihoon Kim, Boyeon Kim, Myung-Suk Kim, and Da-Woon Chung

SONEA Sound Energy Conversion Technology by Jihoon Kim, Boyeon Kim, Myung-Suk Kim, and Da-Woon Chung