What? No Display On This Cam!

You got that right! No Display! So every time you take a picture it’s like throwing a dart in the dark, you never know what pose, angle or subject you may capture. Not knowing is sometimes better, because this ways you can capture “real” pics v/s artificial smiles. Oneshot Camera has more tricks up its sleeves: it needs a good shake to produce its own power (through piezoelectricity), no confusing buttons, just click pics like how you click a ballpoint pen. Face recognition software and light measuring software manage the show and biggest thing of all…there is no display! See your handiwork by uploading the pictures on the computer using the mini-usb.

The one thing that comes to my mind about its palm-sized iteration is that we live in a world where there are freaks who could misuse this feature. However keeping such freaks aside, I think the concept is neat.

Designer: Tino Klaehne

Oneshot Concept Camera by Tino Klaehne