Switch The Shampoo To Get A Radio

Video killed the radio star, but I think digital players did more damage. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I still prefer the randomness of a radio station, you can never really know which song they will play next. The Muji Bath Radio by Industrial Facility is perfect for eccentrics like me and to top it off, it serenades as a shampoo bottle! The controls are at the bottom and the top twists left or right as volume adjustment. Me really wants this…but fret… its available only in Japan.

Oh..and its a given that this piece is water resistant…..

Designer: Industrial Facility for Muji [ Buy it here ]

Muji Bath Radio by Industrial Facility




  • Shaka says:

    i like the idea a lot, i love hearing music while i take a bath, but sadly as it sounds, longer baths mean more water consumption = not so green 🙁

    • v says:

      Therefore we should withdraw every knife on earth due to the high number of crimes commited with a knife.

    • Carl says:

      ‘Longer baths mean more water consumption’??

      if you have a bath, and are in for 10 minutes how can you use more water if you are in the same bath for 1 hour?

      do you mean shower?

  • New Techno says:

    wow the idea was great. nice post! i like the combination, shampoo + radio = happy bathing:-)

  • chris says:

    This reminded me of an old joke.
    There are two hippos in a bathtub. The first one says “Pass the Soap.” The second one says, “No soap, RADIO!”.

  • muji says:

    is that poosible to buy it from USa

  • Jimmy C says:

    I want this one!

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