The Prince of Mars

Inspired by the book The Naked Sun from Isaac Asimov, the R2-D2 robot from Star Wars, an egg, insects, and basically everything else in the life of Martin Miklica. And thus, these Little Prince machines are programmed to act with full life! They are made for Mars, each one holding a plant, caring for it as it finds a place more hospitable than itself. Each on these little pods is also capable of speaking with the others, learning as one unit, creating a huge collective consciousness of Prince knowledge!

Imagine a little army of these guys walking around on our streets on Earth, each one with a plant, each one with the task of finding the best place for that particular plant to thrive.

Fun, yes?

This design is one of the finalists in the 2009 Electrolux Design Lab.

Designer: Martin Miklica

Le Petit Prince by Martin Miklica